Updated Regulations on Working Hours and Leave for Parents and Social Workers in Bulgaria

In June 2024, Bulgaria’s Council of Ministers introduced a new ordinance on working hours, rest, and vacations. These updates align with the Labor Code and regulate the procedures related to leave for parents and grandparents as well as for social services professionals.

Leave for Parents and Grandparents

The new ordinance now regulates the mechanism for the transfer of maternity leave after the child reaches six months of age, not only to the father but also to the grandparents (one of the mother’s or father’s parents). This mechanism now applies under specific conditions and aims to provide more flexibility and support for working families.

Similarly, in cases of adoption, the new ordinance regulates the mechanism for the transfer of the leave after six months from the adoption day to one of the adoptive parents’ parents. These changes ensure that grandparents can play an active role in child-rearing, reflecting a more inclusive approach to family support.

Paid Annual Leave for Social Services Professionals

The ordinance also introduces extended paid annual leave for individuals working in social services, addressing the high turnover rate in this critical sector. The specifics are as follows:

These measures are designed to improve job satisfaction and retention among social services professionals by recognizing their demanding roles and providing them with adequate rest.

Impact and Implementation

These changes are expected to make a significant impact by retaining specialists in the social services sector, preventing them from moving to other fields due to inadequate leave and support. By offering more comprehensive leave options and extended annual leave, Bulgaria aims to ensure better care for both professionals and the individuals they serve.

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Ivanova Rositsa Eurofast

Rositsa Ivanova
Head of Payroll
Eurofast Sofia