Company Registration in Montenegro

About Montenegro

Montenegro emerges as a strategic choice for businesses establishing their presence, driven by unique advantages and a favorable business environment. Positioned on the Adriatic Coast in Southeast Europe, Montenegro offers an advantageous location for trade and investment. The country’s competitive operational costs and a developing workforce make it an appealing destination for businesses seeking efficiency. Ongoing economic reforms have streamlined regulations, fostering an investor-friendly atmosphere. Montenegro’s diverse sectors, including tourism, energy, and agriculture, provide a range of opportunities for business growth. The country’s picturesque landscapes and infrastructure developments further contribute to its allure. In summary, Montenegro’s strategic location, economic reforms, and diverse sectors position it as an attractive destination for companies entering the Southeast European market.

Why Eurofast

Eurofast has been operating in Podgorica since 2006, providing company formation, Tax, advisory, and a range of other professional services. Throughout the years, we have accumulated considerable know-how in addressing cross border tax issues which have proved an invaluable competitive advantage for both our local and international clients.

Montenegro Market Key Benefits

  • Low Income Tax Rates: Montenegro offers competitive tax rates, providing a favorable environment for businesses. Corporate income tax is from 9% for the profit up to 100 000, 12% for the profit from 100 001 to 1.500.000,00 – 12% and over 1.500.00 – 15%, which makes it one of the most competitive CIT rates in Europe.

  • Low Cost of Living

  • Strategic Location

  • Fast and simple Company Registration procedure

  • Flexible Visa Options

  • EU Accession Process

  • Tourism Potential

  • Liberal Foreign Trade Policy


Country Manager: Fahrudin Sutkovic
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