Greece Residency by Investment

Why Greece

Pursuant to the Greek Immigration Legislation, non-EU nationals can acquire a residence permit in Greece, either by owning real estate property or by establishing a commercial presence. These two types of residence permits are preferred by non-EU citizens mostly due to the swift issuance procedure, the resulting rights (including visa free travelling within the Schengen area), the current low real estate prices and the long permit validity.

Other benefits are:

  • The fact that there is no requirement to reside in Greece

  • Unlimited expiry date of residence permit

  • Residence can be applicable to the whole family (married spouse, children and parents of the main applicant and spouse)

  • A residence permit holder is eligible to apply for citizenship after seven years of residence in Greece

Investment Options for Qualification:

Real Estate Investments

  • Property Purchase: Invest in real estate with a minimum value of EUR 250,000, plus applicable taxes. Alternatively, investments of at least EUR 500,000 are required for properties located in Mykonos, Santorini, Thessaloniki, and most municipalities in Athens.
  • Lease Agreements: Enter a 10-year lease for hotel accommodation or furnished tourist residences within tourist complexes (refer to Article 8 of Law 4000/2001).
  • Time-Sharing Agreements: Engage in a 10-year time-sharing agreement for hotel accommodation as per Law 1652/1986.

Other Investment Options

  • Capital Transfer:
    • Place a term deposit of at least EUR 400,000 in a Greek credit institution for a minimum duration of one year, with a standing order for renewal.
  • Capital Contribution:
    • Invest a minimum of EUR 400,000 in a Greek-based company (excluding portfolio and real estate investment companies) for acquiring shares in a share capital increase or bonds that are listed on regulated markets or multilateral trading systems in Greece.
    • Contribute at least EUR 400,000 to a real estate investment company (under Article 21 of Law 2778/1999) focusing exclusively on investments within Greece.
    • Make a capital contribution of at least EUR 400,000 to a closed-end investment company (Article 5 of Law 2367/1995) or a closed-end mutual fund (Article 7 of Law 2992/2002) that plans to invest exclusively in Greek-based businesses.

Investments in Financial Instruments

  • Government Bonds:
    • Purchase Greek government bonds with a minimum value of EUR 400,000 and a residual maturity of at least three years, managed by a Greek credit institution acting as the custodian.
  • Corporate Bonds and Shares:
    • Buy shares or corporate bonds with a minimum value of EUR 800,000, traded on regulated markets or multilateral trading systems in Greece.
    • Acquire units worth at least EUR 400,000 in a mutual fund registered in Greece or another country, intending to invest exclusively in Greek shares, corporate bonds, and/or government bonds.
    • Purchase units or shares with a minimum value of EUR 400,000 in an alternative investment fund based in Greece or another EU country, focusing solely on Greek real estate investments.

By meeting these investment criteria, non-EU nationals can benefit from the attractive opportunity to reside in Greece, enjoying the rich cultural heritage and strategic location within Europe.

Processing time

3-4 months

Who can apply? 

Non EU – Members of boards of directors, shareholders, managers, legal representatives and senior executives of subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies, legally exercising a commercial activity in Greece.

Residence Permit duration: 2 years or for a period equal to the expected duration of the applicant’s stay in Greece; renewable every 3 years, provided that the applicant’s position (a shareholder, manager, etc.) has not changed.

The applicants may be accompanied by their family members.

Company registration in Greece

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The Greece Golden Visa’s minimum investment requirement is scheduled to increase from EUR 250,000 to EUR 400,000.

Investors still have the opportunity to apply under the existing EUR 250,000 minimum threshold if they submit a 10% deposit by August 31, 2024, and complete the investment by December 31, 2024.

 Important Update – Upcoming Increase in Greece Golden Visa Investment Threshold