Company Registration in Greece

About Greece

Greece emerges as a strategic choice for businesses establishing their presence, driven by distinctive advantages and a favorable business environment. Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Greece offers a geographically advantageous location for trade and investment. The country’s competitive operational costs and a skilled workforce enhance its appeal for businesses seeking efficiency. Ongoing economic reforms have streamlined regulations, fostering an investor-friendly atmosphere. Greece’s diverse sectors, including tourism, shipping, and renewable energy, provide a spectrum of opportunities for business growth. The country’s rich history, cultural heritage, and improving infrastructure further contribute to its allure. In summary, Greece’s strategic location, economic reforms, and diverse sectors position it as an attractive destination for companies seeking a foothold in Southern Europe.

Why Eurofast

Eurofast has been operating in Athens since 2004, providing company formation, Tax, advisory, and a range of other professional services. Throughout the years, we have accumulated considerable know-how in addressing cross border tax issues which have proved an invaluable competitive advantage for both our local and international clients. Our company registration services include but are not limited to: setting up private & public companies, companies limited by guarantee, branches of overseas companies and trusts.

Greece Market Key Benefits

  • Online – One stop shop establishment of a company in one day
  • No minimum share capital in case of an Ltd or PCC
  • Corporate income tax is 22% (one of the lowest ever in Greece)
  • Only 5% tax on dividends
  • No withholding taxes for European parent companies under certain conditions
  • 57 existing double taxation treaties
  • No tax on shares transfer for a non-tax resident seller
  • Variety of legal forms of companies according to the business needs
  • Convenient accounting and reporting
  • Highly qualified staff and moderate payroll taxes and social security contributions
  • Attractive non-dom regime for foreign employees (50% income tax reduction)
  • Stable economic and political environment



CEO: Antonis Gavrielides
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Company registration in Greece

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