International Banking

International Banking and Substance

The growing need for transparency in international business, the upcoming automatic exchange of financial account information (CRS) between jurisdictions, and global anti-offshorization tendencies have all significantly affected the banking sector, resulting in stricter rules for both new and existing clients.

The difficulty of opening a bank account has significantly risen and the requirements have multiplied. Therefore, we must avoid leaving anything to chance. For these reasons, it is imperative to ensure a precise and thorough presentation of your application to them. The availability of a reliable and reputable professional introducer able to successfully represent you before the bank. The introducer’s credibility is extremely important.

Eurofast is the right choice. We are able to assist you during all stages of working with your bank.

How can we help you? We can assist with:

  • Choosing the jurisdiction and banking solution for account opening for individuals and legal entities Determining the type of account to be opened

  • Completing pre-check procedures with the bank

  • Collecting and preparing documents and information required by the bank in regards to the applicant itself and its ultimate beneficiary, assisting with completing various bank`s forms

  • Representing the client directly before the bank during all stages of account opening and maintenance, as well as provision of all necessary clarifications and explanations required by the bank on the client`s behalf

  • Arranging distance-banking and issuance of payment card(s) in the name of the client

  • Providing account management and bank signatory services

  • Establishing appropriate substance for your company.

  • Help you secure appropriate registration with the Ministry of Labor and employ appropriate number of personnel.

What We Can Do for You

Eurofast’s experts will provide professional assistance and tailor-made banking recommendations to help maintain and grow your business.

International Banking Services

Why Choose Eurofast for International Banking and Substance

Elevate your global financial strategy with Eurofast, your partner for seamless international banking and substance solutions. Here’s why Eurofast stands out:

  • Strategic Financial Expertise: Eurofast offers strategic financial expertise, tailoring solutions to align with your unique business objectives.

  • Customized Banking Solutions: Personalized banking solutions designed to adapt to your specific business needs and financial aspirations.

  • Meticulous Substance Oversight: Eurofast ensures meticulous substance compliance, minimizing legal risks and ensuring alignment with international standards.

  • Efficient Financial Operations: Streamlined banking processes enhance efficiency, providingtimely financial insights for informed decision-making.

  • Global and Local Proficiency: Eurofast brings a blend of global insight and local expertise, offering a nuanced approach to financial governance in diverse markets.

  • Responsive Client Support: Dedicated client support ensures timelyassistance and guidance, addressing your specific international banking and substance requirements.

Choose Eurofast—a strategic ally committed to optimizing your international financial strategy and ensuring compliance with substance regulations.

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