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Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual Property (IP) rights are valuable assets for businesses. When establishing an intellectualproperty company, thorough due diligence is vital to recognize and identify all potential IP rights.

Eurofast specializes in intellectual property services with global perspective for securing intellectual property.

Choosing the right jurisdiction for IP holding is a critical decision. The selected jurisdiction should offer a wide range of Double Taxation (DTT) agreements, enabling the exercise of IP rights in multiple countries. Moreover, favorable Withholding Tax (WHT), if any, on royalty income received by the IP Holding Company is preferable. 

Unlock the Value of Intellectual Property with Eurofast

At Eurofast, we understand the complexities that arise in international operations due to the multi-jurisdictional landscape. However, with proper structuring, these operations can offer enhanced flexibility, especially when it comes to IP activities and enjoying favorable tax rates.

What Eurofast Can Do for You

  • Structural Planning: Tailoring the scheme to your specific needs.

  • IP Company Setup: Establishing an IP company to maximize structural benefits.

  • IP Transfer: Transferring existing IP to the company for IP box application.

  • Taxation Guidance: Expert advice on taxation matters.

  • IP Substance Consultation: Providing guidance on IP-related substance requirements.

  • Ongoing Support: We’re with you every step of the way, ensuring continued success.

Unlock the full potential of your intellectual property with Eurofast. We help you navigate the complexities of IP management and taxation, allowing your business to thrive in a global landscape.

intellectual property services

Why Eurofast for Intellectual Property Services

Elevate your IP management with Eurofast, your strategic partner for safeguarding innovation. Here’s why Eurofast is your go-to choice for Intellectual Property services:

  • Strategic IP Guidance: Navigate the complexities of IP with Eurofast’s strategic expertise, ensuring the effective protection and management of your intellectual assets.

  • Tailored IP Solutions: Eurofast provides personalized IP solutions, aligning with your unique business objectives and innovation goals.

  • Comprehensive IP Portfolio Management: Ensure a robust IP portfolio with Eurofast’s meticulous oversight, minimizing risks and maximizing the value of your intellectual assets.

  • Global IP Protection: Eurofast offers global IP protection, leveraging its international presence to safeguard your intellectual property across borders.

  • Efficient IP Enforcement: Eurofast streamlines IP enforcement processes, protecting your rights and minimizing the impact of infringements.

  • Dedicated Client Support: Eurofast delivers dedicated client support, providing timely assistance and guidance for your specific IP management needs.

Choose Eurofast for strategic and comprehensive Intellectual Property Services—a trusted ally committed to preserving and enhancing the value of your intellectual assets.

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