Transfer Pricing & International Tax

Transfer Pricing & International Tax

In a constantly changing recession-stricken global business environment,  where tax administrations are always seeking ways to widen the local tax base, intra-group business transactions are now increasingly under the microscope as in most cases they significantly affect the tax performance of each entity. Furthermore, following OECD’s latest releases, concepts such as “economic substance” and “intellectual property” within a Group’s structure became extremely important topics for organizations operating across borders.

Nevertheless, in order to remain competitive, every business must constantly examine and exploit the dynamics created in the countries in which it is either active or willing to enter.

In view of the above, the need to create a robust international structure of the Group’s operations and strategies, while ensuring compliance with local and international legislation becomes vital.

Our Approach

Our worldwide international tax services are designed to help you operate in a tax efficient manner. Many of our clients have admitted to previously not taking advantage of trade incentives as well as facing difficulties in complying with complex trade regimes of local jurisdictions with an end result of unnecessary tax penalties and fines.

Our Team is driven by Eurofast’s International philosophy to offer commercially viable solutions that encompass cross border compliance as well.

Our Transfer Pricing professionals are taking into account each client’s abilities and needs in order to offer efficient transfer pricing models which lead to mitigate risks of tax authorities’ challenges.

Why Eurofast

Eurofast’s team of professionals is capable of efficiently addressing all client needs. Our international team includes experts from different countries and various fields, such as economists, tax practitioners and lawyers, all with strong financial background.

What we can do for you

  • Cross border compliance
  • International tax structuring
  • International customs and duties
  • International tax treaty analysis and filing
  • Preparation of Transfer Pricing documentation
  • Defend your Transfer Pricing policy
  • Design and implementation of the Transfer Pricing model that suits your business
  • Review and localization of the Group’s master file
  • Benchmarking reports
  • IP restructuring

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