Company Registration in Estonia

About Estonia

Estonia emerges as a strategic choice for businesses establishing their presence, driven by unique advantages and a conducive business climate. Located in Northern Europe, Estonia offers a central location for trade and investment. The country’s competitive operational costs and a highly educated workforce enhance its appeal for businesses seeking efficiency. Ongoing economic reforms have streamlined regulations, fostering an investor-friendly atmosphere. Estonia’s diverse sectors, including information technology, digital services, and innovation, present a spectrum of opportunities for business growth. The country’s commitment to technological advancements, e-governance, and a vibrant startup ecosystem further contribute to its appeal. In summary, Estonia’s strategic location, economic reforms, and cutting-edge sectors position it as an attractive destination for companies entering the European market.

Why Eurofast

Eurofast has been operating in Tallinn since 2022, providing company formation, tax, advisory, and a range of other professional services. Our company registration services include but are not limited to: setting up private & public companies, companies limited by guarantee, branches of overseas companies and trusts.

Estonia Market Key Benefits

  • Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency.
  • Holders of an e-resident’s digi-ID card can log into every portal and access every information system that accepts the Estonian ID-card: make transactions in an internet bank, electronically submit tax returns, as well as digitally sign documents and contracts.
  • Anyone can register a company without being physically present, and in record speed. Company registration takes only 2-4 hours, including registration as a VAT-liable person.
  • Very fast, valuable and accurate cooperation with different authorities – legislation is transparent and supportive of business.
  • Most competitive and investment-friendly taxation system in Europe under the International Tax Competitiveness Index by OECD.


Country Manager: Pantelis Papadopoulos
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Company registration in Estonia

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