Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme

Why Cyprus

Cyprus is an EU member country located on the east of the Mediterranean sea between Europe, Asia and Africa. The Country boasts of it’s Mediterranean climate, the multicultural population and the high quality of healthcare and education on offer.

Permanent Residence for Investors

In May 2023 the Cyprus Government has revised Regulation 6(2) of the Cyprus Aliens and Immigration Regulations, thus a Third Country National can obtain a Permanent Residence Permit for Cyprus, upon fulfillment of the required conditions outlined below.

Financial Criteria

Interested applicants are required to invest at least €300.000, in one of the below options:

• Purchase of new residential property/ies in Cyprus. At the time of submission the investor should have paid at least €300.000.

• Purchase commercial real estate

• Purchase of shares of a Cyprus Company with operations in Cyprus

• Purchase of units in a Cyprus Investment Organization of Collective Investments, the investments of which must be in the Republic.

• Applicants are required to have (and be able to prove it) a secured yearly income of €50.000.If the applicant will apply with his/her spouse then the said amount increases to €65.000 and then it increases by €10.000 for each dependent child.

Other Criteria

  • All applicants are required to own or rent a residential property.
  • Adult applicants should hold a Clean Criminal Record from the country of origin
  • Applicants should not constitute a threat against public order or security in Cyp
Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme

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