Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A and Transactional Services

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) play an important role in today’s financial landscape. Nowadays in a rapidly growing economic environment there is a strategic way to benefit from synergies and economies of scale between companies of different industries. That is where the use of Mergers and Acquisitions is essential.

  • Is your growth strategy aligned with your overall corporate strategy?

  • Have you identified the right markets & targets?

  • Is the culture of the target company compatible with yours? Have you prepared a proper integration planning?

  • Is your company able to fundthis type of strategycurrently and afterwards?

The above are only a fraction of the many challenges that youwill have to take into consideration when planning for a Merger & Acquisition.

Merger & acquisition services - Eurofast Advantages

We, at Eurofast, take pride in our dedicated team of professionals, specializing in M&A and transactional advisory in our offices, throughout South East Europe, Middle East and the Baltics. Eurofast has over 45 years of experience working with global businesses and leading institutions. Over the years we have successfully performed a considerable number of local and international M&A transactions in the region. Our cross-border M&A experience is crucial for assisting in this sort of complex and time-consuming transactions.

We have a unique approach to support M&A transactions at an international level through our professional network aiding our clients in all phases from planning to overall implementation of a sell or buy mandate to closure and post-integration.

What we can do for you

  • Research of the business environment and market

  • Searching for investors/targets & approach

  • Due diligence (legal, tax and financial)

  • Price negotiation, contract negotiation and closing

  • Sourcing of capital

  • Tax-optimized deal structuring, including tax rulings

  • Preparation and drafting of all legal documents

  • Support services

Mergers & Acquisitions

Why Eurofast for Mergers & Acquisitions

Unlock the full potential of your M&A transactions with Eurofast, where precision meets strategy. Here’s why Eurofast is your go-to partner for successful mergers and acquisitions:

  • Strategic M&A Advisory: Navigate the intricacies of M&A with Eurofast’s strategic advisory, ensuring a clear roadmap for seamless transactions and value creation.

  • Customized M&A Strategies: Eurofast tailors M&A strategies to fit your unique business objectives, delivering bespoke solutions for optimal deal outcomes.

  • Comprehensive Due Diligence: Benefit from meticulous due diligence processes, providing in-depth insights to inform strategic decision-making at every stage.

  • Global and Local Transaction Insight: Eurofast offers a dual advantage with a global presence and local expertise, providing nuanced insights crucial for successful cross-border M&A activities.

  • Legal and Financial Precision: Ensure legal and financial compliance with Eurofast’s dedicated focus, minimizing risks and ensuring a smooth transaction process.

  • Efficient Technology Integration: Eurofast integrates cutting-edge technology for streamlined M&A processes, enhancing collaboration and expediting deal completion.

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