Serbia: Digital Nomads HotSpot- a Hidden Gem


As the number of remote workers has increased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for destinations and facilities from which, with the help of high-speed internet, regular work activities can be performed has also increased. 

The jobs that digital nomads perform cover different areas – programming, digital marketing, games of chance, blockchain, writing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, graphic design. 

Furthermore, in many companies around the world the possibility to work remotely has become standard practice. 

Serbia has been transformed to an extremely appealing remote-working destination, whether for long- or short-term stays. The reasons for this are numerous: low living costs, good internet speeds, interesting startup scene and many coworking spaces.  

According to the latest research by , Serbia ranks 65th worldwide in terms of internet speed as for digital business, a fast and reliable internet connection is of key importance. 

It is important to mention that, for those affected by visa requirements, Serbia is at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe but not in the EU and not in the Schengen zone.

In order to encourage the development of digital technologies and start-up companies, Serbia has recently introduced tax breaks exempting digital nomads from paying income tax during the first 90 days of their stay in Serbia. 

Namely, the relief is applied if the work is performed for a non-resident client. Income earned during this period will not be considered as income originating in Serbia and will therefore not be taxed in Serbia. 

Belgrade has the vibe of a world-class metropolis, while being one of the cheapest and most accessible European capitals.

There are various outdoor spaces where it is possible to spend time and meet new people. The language barrier is small, as many people in Belgrade speak English well, so that through various social events digital nomads can get in touch with. 

Last but not least, BBC ranked Belgrade as one of the most creative cities in the world and Serbia’s capital was recently listed as the seventh best city in Europe for life and work by nomadlist.

Our team is available to help you if you have questions about how to set up a company in Belgrade, find an office, help you resolve any concerns, as well as to support you later in the business by providing accounting and payroll services.  

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Natasa Nedic
Country Executive
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