Open Balkan Portal: Serbia’s New Online System for Albanian and North Macedonian Work Permits

In April 2024, Serbia launched a new online portal for Albanian and North Macedonian nationals to apply for entry and work permits. This platform streamlines the applications process, benefiting eligible individuals from these countries (excluding companies). The initiative aligns with the Agreement on Conditions for Free Access to the Labor Market in the Western Balkans.

To begin the application process, individuals must first create a profile on the Open Balkan online portal specific to their home country. Once registered, they will receive an Open Balkan ID number, which is essential for the application process. Applicants have the option to submit their request for free access to the Serbian labor market either before entering Serbia or within 90 days of their arrival.

The portal guarantees an efficient application process, processing all requests within 30 days from submission. This advancement significantly promotes labor mobility and economic integration in the Western Balkans, providing a user-friendly way for individuals to understand Serbia’s work requirements.

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Maljkovic Aleksandar Eurofast

Aleksandar Maljkovic
Tax Advisor
Eurofast Belgrade