Serbian Law Moves Eco Tax Return Deadline to April 30th

Starting this year, recent amendments to Serbian law have shifted the deadline for submitting tax returns concerning the Environmental Protection Fee (Eco Tax). Now the deadline is April 30th, a change from the previous deadline of July 31st, 2024.

Eco Tax in Serbia is a specific tax related to environmental impact. It applies to businesses and companies operating in Serbia. The amount of tax depends on the type of business activity.

Criteria for Determining Eco Tax

  • The primary factor for calculating the Eco Tax is the activity code (also known as the NACE code).
  • The NACE code corresponds to the specific type of business or industry.
  • Different activities have varying levels of impact on the environment.

Submission Process

Currently, for the year 2024, taxpayers must submit the Eco Tax using a paper form called “Form1” (in Serbian: “Obrazac 1”). However, starting from 2025, taxpayers will be able to submit this tax online.

Other changes affecting submissions, including but not limited to:

  • Inclusion of foreign legal entity branches as fee payers.
  • Expansion of fee obligation to entities involved in transporting hazardous materials within local municipalities designated as environmentally sensitive areas.

Exemptions for certain entities:

  • Direct and indirect beneficiaries of public funds, housing communities, and mandatory social insurance organizations.
  • Entrepreneurs during periods of registered activity cessation (where no environmental impact occurs).
  • Non-profit associations, churches, and religious communities funded solely by memberships, donations, subsidies, etc.
  • National park administrators and state-owned forestry enterprises.

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Aleksandar Maljkovic
Tax Advisor
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