Montenegro’s tax treatment of foreign corporate executives

Montenegro | February 2016 |

Montenegro doesn’t make much of a distinction between domestic and foreign investors, as well as between domestic and foreign corporate executives of companies incorporated in Montenegro.

Foreigners who are executive directors of Montenegrin companies have the same rights and duties as directors holding a Montenegrin citizenship. There is no difference in terms of taxation as well with personal income taxed with 9% (for income bellow 720 Euros) and with 13% (for income above 720 Euros), a rate which was recently amended from the previously valid 11%.

Moreover, an additional advantage is the existence of a simplified procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit as well as work permit for foreign persons who are appointed as executive directors. Namely, foreign executive directors don’t need to provide supporting documentation from the Bureau of Employment stating that there are no resident unemployed persons with the same qualifications for the job position.

Furthermore, of great interest to foreign nationals is the fact that obtaining a residence permit allows foreign directors to also become tax residents of Montenegro after spending 183 days in Montenegro, and to enjoy one of the most favorable tax regimes in Europe with 9% personal income tax rate and 9% corporate tax rate.

Ivan Petrovic