Montenegrin Government Privatization Plan 2013

Montenegro/May 2013

During February, the government adopted decision on privatising more than 20 companies and utilising more than 30 business opportunities.

The companies will be privatised through public tender, through stock exchange or public auction. The most interesting companies for international investors are:

1. Container terminal and General Cargos Bar
2. New Tobacco Company, Podgorica
3. Montenegro Airlines, Podgorica
4. Montecargo, Podgorica
5. Tourism companies Ulcinjska rivijera, Ulcinj & “Budvanska rivijera, Buva & Big Beach, Ulcinj
6. Electrodes plant Piva, Pluzine
7. Medical Institute Simo Milosevic, Igalo
8. Daily press Pobjeda, Podgorica
9. Bauxite mining, Niksic

In addition, the Montenegrin government is interested in developing private-public partnership with international investors in utilising several locations with great tourism potential such as Big Beach and Ada Bojana in Ulcinj and Vranjine on Skadar Lake and many others.

Besides tourism project, the government is interested in achieving a private-public partnership on the Post Office of Montenegro.

Montenegro as country that started negotiations with EU on its membership provides very attractive business environment for foreign capital. Foreign companies in Montenegro are guaranteed equal legal treatment to local ones while foreign investor can operate in Montenegro either as a legal entity or as a natural person. There is no limit on the amount of capital invested in Montenegro. Foreign investors are encouraged to invest freely within any industry and to transfer all assets, including profits and dividends.

Montenegro’s tax regime has become one of the most competitive in whole of Europe. With a 9% corporate profit tax rate, companies operating in Montenegro enjoy not only a business friendly environment but also a low tax burden, thus maximising their operational profit.

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