Agreement on Social Security between Montenegro and Slovakia

Montenegro and Slovakia have enjoyed friendly relations and close cooperation in many areas of mutual importance, which is confirmed by the continuous high-level political dialogue. There is a mutual interest in fostering collaboration in various areas.

The relations between the two countries have been further strengthened by the participation in various multilateral forums and organizations while intensive cooperation has also taken place within a broad normative legal basis, part of which is the conclusion of the Social Security Agreement.

The Montenegrin Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Boris Marić and the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovakia Miroslav Lajčak signed the Bilateral Agreement on Social Insurance on May 20, 2016.

The agreement between the Republic of Montenegro and Slovakia on social insurance, , on the basis of reciprocity, ensures the rights to social security.

The agreement covers all areas of social insurance, including:

  • – Pension and disability insurance;
  • – Health insurance;
  • – Health care and maternity;
  • – Insurance in the event of injury at work or occupational diseases;
  • – Unemployment compensation, and
  • – Child allowance.

Guidelines on providing health care to foreign insured persons during their temporary stay in Montenegro, issued on July 1, 2017

Insured persons from Slovakia during their temporary stay in Montenegro, have the right to urgent health care.

Under this agreement, the beneficiaries of health insurance do not pay directly for the healthcare provided; rather, the healthcare costs are calculated between the health insurance funds of both states.

The insured person is obliged to contact the competent organizational unit of the Health Insurance Fund at the place of residence upon arrival in Montenegro, presenting the European Health Insurance Card or European Card Certificate. Following this, the Montenegrin Health Insurance Fund issues the Slovakia resident another certificate (health card-form INO 1) which provides access to healthcare in health institutions.

Bojana Peric
Accounting Department

Ivan Petrovic
Country executive

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