Montenegro became attractive following its introduction of the Citizenship by Investment Program whichofficially began this year. In addition to the very well structured investment criteria, Montenegro enjoys a stable political situation, favorable tax system and attractive geographic position in the Balkan region. Based on how current reforms are progressing, it is predicted that the country will become a member of the EU by the 2025.

Besides the prescribed investment requirement of EUR 250,000 and EUR 450,000 in approved projects in Montenegro, the program requires a governmental donation in amount of EUR 100,000. As the structuring and implementation of this kind of program is of special importance for the development of the country, and given that the initiative is novel and the only program of its kind among other ex-YU countries, there have been additional program updates made recently. Most changes are related to the official list of approved projects.

The list has been published by the Secretariat for Development Projects of Montenegro and it contains:

  1. Condo Hotel ,”Kolasin Resort & Spa’’ , Kolasin
  2. Condo Hotel ,”Breza’’ , Kolasin
  3. Hotel ,”Kraljicina plaza’’, Milocer – Budva
  4. Hotel  ,”Durmitor Hotel & Villas’’, Zabljak

The published list confirms our opinion that the north of Montenegro will definitely be the next big thing!

Eurofast is present in Montenegro since the first day of the country’s independence in 2006. With extensive knowledge of the market and expertise in the citizenship by investment industry, we look forward to assisting you step-by-step through your immigration process.

For all relevant information, application assistance and project presentations, please get in touch with our Citizenship and Residency Specialist.

Anna Philiotis