16 Years in the Making: Montenegro Unveils Direct Payment System with Serbia and Bosnia

In a groundbreaking move, Montenegro is set to establish a direct bank payment system with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina after a long-awaited 16-year period. This initiative promises significant benefits, including lower transaction fees for both citizens and companies, as well as faster transactions.

The direct payment system will be facilitated through Universal Capital Bank, the sole institution in Montenegro that has expressed interest in spearheading this project.

The interruption of direct payment transactions between Serbia and Montenegro in 2006, following Montenegro’s departure from the joint state, marked a pivotal moment in their financial relations.

However, a year later, the Central Bank of Montenegro signed agreement involving the central banks of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the inclusion of a direct payment transaction between the three states. However, while Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have established direct payment transactions, Montenegrin banks have shown no interest in this project. After 16 years, Montenegro now decided to join forces with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in this innovative financial venture.

The project, currently in its test phase, is anticipated to conclude in November, with Universal Capital Bank poised to actively participate in the clearing system for international payments between the three countries. This collaborative effort signals a new era of financial connectivity, fostering economic efficiency and cooperation across borders.

This streamlined direct payment system brings about a transformative shift in financial transactions between banks and citizens of the participating countries. Notably, payments are now processed on the same business day, offering unparalleled efficiency.

The elimination of the need to route payments through banks in third countries not only accelerates the payment process but also substantially reduces associated costs.

The advantages of participating in this cutting-edge payment system extend beyond mere convenience. The substantial reduction in payment costs for both citizens and the regional economy as a whole serve as a catalyst for fostering improved trade exchange between Montenegro, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. By facilitating quicker and more cost-effective transactions, the initiative lays a foundation for enhanced economic cooperation and growth across the participating nations.

As the project enters its final phase, the imminent integration of Montenegro into this payment network marks a significant milestone, underscoring the commitment to regional financial integration and collaboration. The positive implications for businesses and individuals alike are poised to contribute to a more interconnected and prosperous economic landscape in the heart of Southeast Europe.

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Fahrudin Sutkovic
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