Mergers & Acquisitions and Transactional Services

maMergers & Acquisitions (M&A) play an important role in today’s financial world.

Many organisations, in many regions, are using M&A as a key part of their growth strategy to expand their business operations to gain increased market share, access to new markets, technology and talent, and so on. Whatever the reasons are, M&A bring about great opportunities which come with great challenges.

• Is your growth strategy aligned with your overall corporate strategy?
• Have you identified the right markets & targets?
• Is the culture of the target company compatible with yours?
• Can you afford the costs now and in future?
• Have you prepared a proper integration planning?

The above are only the fraction of the many issues that need to be taken into consideration when planning for M&A.

How can Eurofast Help?

We, at Eurofast, take pride in our dedicated team of professionals, specialising in M&A and transactional work in our offices, throughout South East Europe and East Mediterranean. Eurofast has over 25 years of experience working with global businesses and leading institutions. Over the years we have performed successfully significant number of local and international M&A transactions in the region.

We have unique approach to support M&A transactions at international level through our professional network providing assistance to our clients in all phases of M&A transactions from planning for M&A process to closure and post integration, overall implementation of a sell or buy mandate.

Our fully integrated M&A and Transactional services include:

• Research of the business environment and market
• Searching for investors/targets & approach
• Due diligence (legal, tax and financial)
• Price negotiation, contract negotiation and closing
• Sourcing of capital
• Tax-optimized deal structuring, including tax rulings
• Preparation and drafting of all legal documents
• Support services

Due diligence: The risk of Analysis Process