Digital Transformation in the Public Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Discover how the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and British Embassy partnership in Bosnia and Herzegovina is driving a digital revolution in public administrations. Learn about the Digital Transformation in the Public Sector Project’s mission to enhance governance, accountability, and citizen services through innovative technology adoption and collaboration.

UNDP and British Embassy’s Digital Agenda for Bosnia and Herzegovina

In September 2020, the UNDP and the British Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina collaborated by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. Their shared goal is to propel the nation toward a digital future, revolutionizing public administrations.

This ambitious partnership gave rise to the Digital Transformation in the Public Sector Project.

The Project’s Focus

The project aims to integrate digital technologies into governance and institutions. It includes improving policy, managing knowledge, and optimizing resources to accelerate socio-economic development, enhance accountability, and deliver citizen-centric services.

Key Objectives

Through collaboration with authorities and stakeholders, the project seeks to achieve the following key outcomes:

  1. Creating an enabling legal and policy environment to drive digital transformation.
  2. Enhancing e-government and e-services to streamline citizen interactions and improve business processes.
  3. Facilitating knowledge-sharing and networking among public sector stakeholders to boost digital capabilities and foster innovation.

The Role of E-Fiscalization

E-fiscalization stands out as a crucial aspect of this digital overhaul. Initially targeting specific groups of taxpayers, the process mandates the adoption of electronic fiscal devices and software for invoicing. Operators are tasked with providing training and setting up systems to ensure compliance. This move aims to bolster tax compliance, curb the informal economy, and promote fiscal discipline.

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