Cyprus’ Vessel Ownership & Registration

In this article, you will discover the advantages of maritime ventures in Cyprus. Prepare to leverage swift vessel deployment and favourable options. Cyprus boasts of a skilled workforce, extensive tax treaties, and access to EU markets. Here, you will gain insights into ownership stipulations and vessel registration categories. This article will help you to select from various registration options for seamless operations.

Ownership Stipulations for Cyprus-flagged Vessels

Vessels registered under the Cyprus flag must meet specific ownership criteria.

  • Owners must hold over 50% of the vessel’s shares.
  • They can be Cypriot nationals or nationals of other EU/EEA Member States. If not permanent residents of Cyprus, they need to designate an accredited representative within Cyprus.
  • Alternatively, complete ownership (100%) by qualifying corporations is allowed. However, these corporations must meet strict criteria for establishment, operation, and oversight.

Eligible Vessel Categories for Cyprus Registration:

Various vessel categories are eligible for registration under the Cyprus flag, catering to diverse maritime needs. These categories include passenger vessels, fishing craft, pleasure craft, cargo vessels, and small passenger ferries.

Cyprus Registration Modalities for Vessels

Cyprus provides various registration options to meet different requirements.

  • Provisional registration allows temporary registration while fulfilling prerequisites for permanent registration.
  • Permanent registration ensures inclusion in the Cyprus registry with associated privileges.
  • Bareboat charter registration allows simultaneous registration under the Cyprus ensign and another jurisdiction.

In conclusion, partnering with Cyprus for maritime ventures offers numerous benefits. From streamlined registration to access to international markets, Cyprus is a leader in the maritime industry.

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