New Double Tax Treaty between Serbia and Norway signed

Serbia/November 2015

On 4 September 2015, the Serbian Government approved the draft Treaty for Avoidance of Double Taxation, signed between Serbia and Norway on 17 June 2015. The treaty’s entry into force is pending ratification from both parties.

The new Treaty between Serbia and Norway provides inter alia for the following:

-a withholding tax on dividends at the rate of 5% (in case of at least 25% participation) or 15% (all other cases). The currently applicable Treaty signed between the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Norway in 1983 prescribes a standard 15% rate.

-a withholding tax rate of 10% on interest (0% according to the currently applicable Treaty)

-a withholding tax rate of 5%, or 10% on royalties (10% according to the currently applicable Treaty)

Following both parties’ ratification and entry into force, the old DTT between SFRY and Norway will be abolished. The Treaty will become effective on 1 January of the year following the year during which it will enter into force.

Ivana Blagojevic
Tax & Legal Advisor
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