New Deputy CEO of Eurofast


Eurofast is excited to announce the promotion of Antonis Gavrielides to the position of Deputy CEO

Antonis is part of Eurofast for more than 11 years and has contributed greatly to his current role as a Country Manager and as a member of the Board of Directors of Eurofast. 

Antonis will oversee the strategic and operational direction of the organisation and exercise managerial responsibility for Eurofast’s operation as he will go through the transitional process to replace our current CEO Christodoulos Damianou.

Antonis Gavrielides stated: “I feel honor for the opportunity of becoming the Deputy CEO of Eurofast and the trust given on outlining my own insight and culture within the organisation. I’m very proud of our team and the way we overcome difficulties and obstacles, especially during the pandemic, proving we work as a whole. I’m sure the future beholds many more innovative ideas and practices that will take Eurofast a step forward.” 

I have great confidence that, under Antonis’ leadership and the rest of our dream team, Eurofast will continue to lead the market”, mentioned Mr. Christodoulos Damianou. 

Eurofast team would like to congratulate Antonis on his new promotion and wish him good luck for the future.  

Antonis will take office on September 1st, 2021. 

Eurofast is a regional business advisory organisation employing local advisors in over 23 cities in South-East Europe & the Middle East . The Organisation is uniquely positioned as a one-stop-shop for investors and companies looking for professional services in South-East Europe & the Middle East.