Antonis Gavrielides appointed new Eurofast Group CEO

Antonis Gavrielides takes on the official duties of Chief Executive Officer in Eurofast Group, after a 12-year career in various executive positions and as a member of the Board of Directors, succeeding Mr. Christodoulos Damianou.

Mr. Gavrielides will oversee the strategic and business direction of the Group, strengthen partnerships, and build new relationships while ensuring the growth and development of Eurofast.

“I feel particularly honored and happy for this opportunity, and I am grateful for the trust shown in me by the Non-Executive Chairman of the Group, Mr. Christodoulos Damianou. I am very proud of the team we have built, overcoming all obstacles and difficulties, especially during the last two years and proving that we work as one. I am sure that the future beholds many innovative ideas and surprises that will further develop Eurofast”, mentioned Mr. Antonis Gavrielides.

The Non-Executive Chairman of Eurofast Group, Mr. Christodoulos Damianou added: “I am absolutely convinced that Eurofast will continue to be a pioneer and one of the largest Cypriot companies under the guidance of Mr. Gavrielides and our excellent team.”

Eurofast team would like to congratulate Mr. Gavrielides on his new position and wishes him a bright future ahead.

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