Graocankic Kristina

Job Title: Executive Administrator

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Areas of expertise: Administration, management, organization

+381 11 3241 484
Ext: 2700
Graocankic Kristina Eurofast

Kristina Graočankić holds the position of Executive Administrator at Eurofast International playing a pivotal role in facilitating communication between departments. Her responsibilities include establishing companies for clients, opening bank accounts, managing employee files, overseeing domestic and foreign currency payments, writing expert articles, organizing conferences, implementing necessary changes in SBRA, and obtaining tax certificates.

With a diverse professional background, Kristina’s journey includes roles at the Magistrates Court of Torts and Misdemeanour Law, law offices, and a Human Resources agency where she served as a lawyer/associate. Her current role at Eurofast International showcases her versatility and ability to navigate legal and administrative domains.

Kristina’s skills encompass contract management, daily tasks organization, company routines, and effective communication with various companies and institutions. She is recognized as a team player with excellent communication skills, a pleasant personality, and a mild character.

Kristina is an alumna of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade and the Third Belgrade Grammar School. She holds a CAE certificate in the English language and possesses intermediate proficiency in German and Spanish. Additionally, she has a musical background, having studied piano at the Music School Mokranjac. Kristina’s diverse skills and educational background contribute to her multifaceted role as an Executive Administrator at Eurofast International.

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