Serbia: News About Health Insurance For Travellers

Republic of Serbia and the RFZO (Republic Fund of Health Insurance) have signed bilateral agreements with 21 states on the possibility of using social insurance during temporary stay abroad (at the expense of the RFZO). Under their terms, the reasons for provision of medical care are limited to the cases of urgent medical treatment and/or immediate danger to life and health.

The procedure is simple and includes two steps: 1) the insured citizen goes to an appointed doctor with the medical insurance card and the doctor issues a medical health paper based on the citizen’s medical health file; 2) then the citizen goes to the branch of the RFZO to receive a two-language medical form, which is issued immediately.

This form is valid for 90 days and can be applied for several times a year.

Serbia has had such bilateral health agreements with Turkey, Tunis, Germany, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Croatia, Monte Negro, Belgium, Bulgaria, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia, France, Check Republic, Slovenia, the Canadian province of Quebec and others.

For health isured citizens travelling to Poland and the UK only a health card and passport are required.

In the event of a health issue, the insured citizen in one of the mentioned countries can claim for medical care by the local doctor and does not need to pay extra, since the expenses are settled between the countries on the basis of the bilateral agreement.

For countries that Sebia has not signed any health insurance agreements with (like Greece, Spain, Portugal and Egypt), the procedure is quite similar: a citizen goes to an appointed doctor and receives a medical certificate, then he/she goes to the RFZO branch and receives another health form certificate. In this case, if a tourist with medical insurance papers faces any medical problems in the destination country, he/she will have to pay by themselves for the medical care, but, on return to Serbia, the expenses will be refunded given all the medication bills have been paid abroad and are provided. The refund period limit is 60 days.

Serbian citizens with chronic diseases, allergies or any other chronic health issues, must inquire in advance whether the insurance covers such cases.

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