Fiscalization in the Republic of Srpska: Everything You Need to Know

Learn about the new fiscalization system in the Republic of Srpska with Eurofast tax experts. Find out key deadlines, submission procedures, and benefits for taxpayers. This article will help you stay compliant and take advantage of subsidization support by acting promptly.

Key Announcements and Deadlines

The Tax Administration’s Public Call details the responsibilities and deadlines for both taxpayers and operators within the new fiscal system. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Who is Affected? The first group of taxpayers includes those who were previously required to register each transaction through existing fiscal cash registers. It also includes businesses that have registered their activities requiring transaction recording through fiscal cash registers up to the date of the announcement.

Responsibilities of the Tax Administration

The Tax Administration will oversee:

  • The registration of business premises and places of business.
  • The issuance of security elements.
  • The subsidization of initial fiscalization costs.

Media Campaign for Smooth Transition

To facilitate a smooth transition to the new fiscalization system, the Tax Administration has launched a comprehensive media campaign. This campaign will provide detailed information through printed, digital, and electronic media, including:

  • Publication of the Public Call content.
  • Broadcast of promotional videos highlighting the new system’s advantages.

As you can see, the new fiscalization system in the Republic of Srpska improves tax compliance and transparency. The taxpayers should understand the key deadlines and submission procedures to smoothly transition to the new system and benefit from the support and subsidization offered. Staying informed and following the guidelines will help increase efficiency and compliance. For further assistance, contact Eurofast specialists in in Banja Luka at

Peulić Andrea

Andrea Peulic
Payroll Specialist, EOR and Accounting Associate
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