Extension of Submission Date for Income Tax Return (T.D.1) for Individuals in Cyprus

On June 21, 2024, the Cyprus Tax Department announced a significant update regarding the submission deadline for the income tax return (T.D.1) for individuals. The Council of Ministers has approved an extension, moving the original deadline from July 31, 2024, to October 31, 2024. This extension also applies to the payment of any taxes due.

Who Needs to Submit the Income Tax Return (T.D.1)?

The income tax return (T.D.1) must be completed and submitted by individuals who fall into any of the following categories and whose gross emoluments for the year 2023 exceed €19,500:

How to Submit the Income Tax Return (T.D.1)

The submission of the income tax return (T.D.1) is to be done through the TAXISnet portal. This online system is designed to streamline the tax submission process, making it more efficient and accessible for taxpayers.

To conclude with, this extension offers individuals additional time to accurately prepare and submit their income tax returns, ensuring compliance with Cyprus tax regulations.

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Georgiou Marilena Eurofast

Marilena Georgiou
Junior Accountant
Eurofast Nicosia