Cyprus rated safest country for young people

According to the global youth mortality rates based on the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO”) data for 2015, Cyprus has been analysed to be the safest of 184 countries for young people, among a list of jurisdictions including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and many other respectable countries. The most dangerous country is considered to be Sierra Leone, where one youth out of every 150 is estimated to have died.

This attractive rating comes right after Cyprus being ranked 32nd on the Forbes list for best destinations for business in 2017 as well as 2nd best climate in the world. Coupled with the estimated average life expectancy of 80 years, Cyprus seems to tick off all boxes for those looking for a new destination to either work, travel or permanently relocate to.

The stable political situation, solid economic growth, safety, variety of incentives and favourable investment opportunities all add to the attractiveness of the island.

At Eurofast we would be delighted  to welcome you to Cyprus and assist you in discovering and enjoying its benefits.

Alena Malaya
Tax and Legal Advisor