Citizenship by Investment in Montenegro

The global geopolitical situation, has motivated a significant number of worldwide millionaires to move its wealth to western and European markets, contributing considerably to the development of the “rich immigration”.

This trend triggered Government of Montenegro to draw capital that will provide significant value to the existing economy and assist to the expansion of various forms of business through the Citizenship by Investment Program.

The Government of Montenegro has announced that will grant citizenship by naturalisation to 2000 foreign investors from non- EU Countries for a limited period of 3 years.

According to the above decision, foreign investors are eligible for naturalization if they meet one of the following criteria in terms of investments:

Investments ELIGIBLE for a citizenship by Investment in Montenegro:

  Investment of 250,000 euros in real estate projects in undeveloped region (northern part of the country), provided that they are previously approved by the Government of Montenegro; or

  Investment of 450,000 euros in real estate projects that take place in developed regions (central or coastal regions), provided that they are previously approved by the government of Montenegro;

  •   An additional amount of 100,000 euros to be paid as a contribution to the Government budget, for every submitted application and those funds will be used for the development of northern, undeveloped region of Montenegro.
  • The Key factors that make Montenegro’s immigration policy an attractive destination for investment, is fact that Montenegro is the newest member of NATO, strongly dedicated to become member of EU in the near future, the highly specialized human capital, the stable and favourable tax system and the safety and stability conditions prevailing in the country.


  • EUROFAST MONTENEGRO is probably the oldest international company in Montenegro registered back in 2006 in the same year with the country’s independence. The company offers a complete range of financial, advisory and business consulting services in the country. Eurofast will be able to advice and guide you throughout the whole application process once it is announced by the Government.


You can contact our Montenegro office for more information at: Tel: + 382 20 228 490.


Christodoulos Damianou

Chief Executive Officer

Honorary Consul of Montenegro