An Interview with a Taxander

  1. Let’s begin with the facts, how long have you worked with Taxand and which firm do you work for?

I work with Taxand almost 4 years and I lead the  TP department of Eurofast Taxand Cyprus, responsible for client portfolio in South East Europe and Mediterranean.

  1. Tell us about your team

Our team is diverse! Due to our regional presence I have the opportunity to work with colleagues with different backgrounds, different cultures and not to mention travel substantially for work! I feel lucky to enjoy my team’s commitment and share the same passion for work with everyone. More than any professional relationship, I like the idea that my colleagues share their thoughts and sometimes even their dreams with me, this fact gives me the strength and inspiration.

  1. What do you like to do at the weekends?

Well … during weekends, I like cooking for family and friends, however most times I don’t have the time to cook so I go out for meals with family and friends.  I also like going with my 2 children, Vasilis and Maria on field trips and cycling. I like hearing by my son the enthusiastic phrase « Ι think mum, this is eventually my favorite day!”

  1. Share an interesting fact about yourself with us.

I understand the sign language at a very basic level, look forward to learning more.  I admire and respect people and organizations who are actively involved in helping with social integration for people with disabilities as well as minorities, refugees and hope to become more involved.

  1. How many Taxand offices have you visited?

I believe I have visited 4 Taxand locations: London, Madrid, Bohn and Frankfurt but I am planning to visit more soon

  1. What is your favourite proverb or quote?

Socrates, the Greek philosopher was saying “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think”. It is one of my favorite quotes because this approach entails ongoing training, education and development. By adapting this approach, you can easily distinguish people who want to learn and grow.

  1. What was the best holiday you went on?

Aaaah …. This is a very difficult question.  I have visited so many attractive places but I think, I will choose Skopelos , a Greek Island in the Sporades Island Group. According to the myth, founder of Skopelos was Staphylus one of God Dionysus’s sons.  It was the most relaxing holidays I have ever had in that little paradise, amazing beaches, traditional food, exceptional wine and locals always with a story to share with you.

  1. If you were not a tax advisor, what job would you be doing?

I think I would be an actress! By playing different roles, I would combine my creativity with my love for books and theatre. Moreover if I could manage to become a famous actress, then as a public person I would go the extra mile to raise social awareness and respond to the needs of others.