Ukraine`s strategy against COVID-19


It has been a while since the world found itself some peace and rest. The COVID-19 outbreak has not only introduced to us the virus itself, but also a new era of masks, sanitizers and “home office”. Countries, as well as businesses, are in a hurry to amend their strategies and policies for this new reality and just like the rest of the world, Ukraine is taking steps to combat COVID-19 as well.

Since the start of the pandemic, Ukraine attempted to control the disease in several ways: via a total lockdown, via zoning as well as enforcing adaptive quarantine. Each step had its own advantages and as well as problems. The trial and error method proved that lockdown was the most effective way for containing the virus, however, despite it being very effective, such actions were extremely harmful to the national economy & trade.

On November 13th, The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced a “weekend day quarantine”, whereby only essential shops such as grocery shops and pharmacies will remain open, as a new and useful step against spreading the virus. Such anti-epidemic restrictions will last till November 30, 2020. Generally, limitations will face both physical persons and legal entities. Instead of a hard lockdown, Ukraine implemented special weekend quarantine measures:

  • bars, restaurants, cafes can operate as Takeout points only;
  • all mass events and entertainment establishments are forbidden;
  • shopping malls will remain closed as well as sports halls, fitness centres and pools;
  • banks, postal operators, gas stations, groceries, household and pharmacy stores are allowed to operate as usual.

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Oleksii Maistrenko
Tax and Legal Associate
Eurofast Ukraine