Ukraine Equates the e-passport to the Regular Passport


On March 15, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers implemented Decree #278,  allowing for e-passports to equate to regular passports. E-passports are digital analogues of paper documents and are currently available in the government based app – “Dija“.  

According to officials, the main goal of “Dija” is to introduce a new “government in the smartphone” approach. The application offers a wide variety of services and allows for: 

  • the receipt of licences and allowances (development, medicine, logistics); 
  • the official establishment your business; 
  • one’s registestration as a private entrepreneur with the favourable taxation regime in 15 minutes; 
  • the receipt of all certificates (Tax, VAT number, etc); 
  • social security obtainment and assistance; 
  • the use of digital documents and signatures; 
  • the participation in education programs; 
  • and much more. 

“Ukraine is one of the first countries in the world who introduced a digital passport in a smartphone. Our goal is to make sure that all government documents and services would be available on a smartphone”, the Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov assumed. 

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Alex Maistrenko
Tax & Legal Associate
Eurofast Kyiv