Ukraine: e-Service Quality for All Public Tax Services


Electronic service quality for all public tax services is one of the main priorities of the Ukrainian Government. They seek to digitize bureaucracy so as to be convenient and understandable by people and businesses with access to public services, free of any corruption risks.

e-Entrepreneur: A New Government Program 

On August 4th, the Prime Minister, Denis Shmigal, announced a new experimental project that will allow entrepreneurs to open their businesses electronically without the necessity to undergo a long business process. According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, the project will last for 2 years. 

Dija city: The President Signed the Law 1667-ІХ 

As stated, “Dija City” is a specific legal framework aimed at IT individuals and enterprises. Dija residents will benefit from minimal state regulation, lower taxation, special employment conditions, IP protection guaranties, English Common Law and much more. 

Ukraine Equates the e-passport to the Regular Passport 

According to the Minister of Digital Transformation – Mikhail Fedorov, Ukraine follows a “State in the smartphone” plan: “Our goal is to make sure that all government documents and services would be available on a smartphone”. Read more. 

New Rules for Protecting Employees’ Rights  

Federation of Professional Unions of Ukraine proposed to the Parliament a new Draft Law introducing higher fines (up to 20400 UAH per employee) and even imprisonment. If the document is approved, the annual leave payments will be paid before the actual start of the holiday. 

The New Chairman of the Bureau of Economic Security 

Vadim Melnyk became a new director of BES. Previously, he served as Chairman of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. The Bureau of Economic Security will play the role of an economic supervisor, eliminating the Tax Police. 

State Judicial Administration of Ukraine launches “e-Court” 

A special application is already available for Android and IOS. It provides users with the latest info and allows them to track documents and decisions. Officials say it`s another step to the “government in the smartphone approach”.

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