“Tax Calculator” launches in Georgia

A new service Tax Calculator – developed by the National Statistics Service of Georgia (“Geostat”), was recently launched in Georgia. 

Tax Calculator is a new electronic service that allows its users to determine the amount of their contributions to the budget in the form of their direct or indirect payments. It considers the income tax paid by an individual as indirect taxes paid on the purchase of various goods or services, such as VAT and excise taxes. 

The new service allows users to find out what part of the income an individual pays in the form of indirect taxes and how these funds are distributed among budget items. 

Interested parties should classify their income and expenses according to certain categories. 

The new service is available on the department’s page: http://mytaxes.geostat.ge/mytaxes/ 

For further information please contact our advisors at our Eurofast office in Georgia, Tbilisi at tbilisi@eurofast.eu 

Irina Lopatina
Country Executive
Eurofast Tbilisi