Tax Authority Notification on the Reporting of Ledger Books


A few days before the deadline for declaration of monthly ledger books and VAT balance, the Tax Administration has reminded the taxpayers subject to VAT about the correct manner of reporting the sales and purchase books as well as VAT return sheets via a notification in writing. According to the Tax Administration, these processes will continue to be performed through the electronic declaration account (E-filling) at the General Directorate of Taxes for August 2021 period. 

Since the use of non-fiscalized invoices was still allowed in August, and some businesses that carry out cash transactions had chosen to implement fiscalization only in September, the filling in of the sections will continue to be done manually, thus allowing the reporting of all invoices in any format, fiscalized and non-fiscalised as well. 

Over the past months, Tax Inspectors have conducted visits to various businesses to advise on the implementation of the electronic reporting and supervision system. 

In the previous announcement, the Tax Administration has encouraged all taxpayers to implement fiscalization immediately. The third phase would enter into force on 01 September 2021 and would enable the automatic monthly declaration of all sale and purchase transactions. 

Thereafter the transaction monitoring system would only consider the electronic invoices exchanged between the parties to the transaction as valid, and the non-fiscalized physical invoices, which were previously issued will not be recognized. 

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Drilona Likaj
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