Strategic Shifts: Georgia’s Updates on Non-Resident Employee Registration

Georgia’s workforce is undergoing a revolutionary transformation with the implementation of a groundbreaking law on September 1st,2023. This legislation signifies a crucial advancement in the registration process for non-resident employees. Local employers engaging foreign individuals without a permanent residence permit in Georgia are now subject to specific obligations.

These obligations entail the necessity for local employers to execute an employment contract in the Georgian language with labor immigrants. Furthermore, within 30 calendar days of signing the contract, employers must register the labor immigrants in the unified database of the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Social Protection. For labor immigrants employed before September 1, 2023, registration in the Ministry’s unified database must be completed by November 1, 2023.

In addition to these requirements, it is crucial to gracefully submit a scanned copy of the foreign employee’s passport and the signed employment agreement on the designated website.

The information requested includes, among other details, the individual’s education level, qualifications, work experience (type and duration), and the amount and form of remuneration.

Additionally, employers are obligated to report any information regarding the premature termination, extension, or changes in remuneration for the labor contract signed with the immigrant employee.

While the system is presently operational, certain functions are still undergoing development and facilitation. The submission of all the required information for each foreign (non-resident) employee is essential. Failure to register may result in fines; however, the specific amounts have not been defined at this stage.

In conclusion, the advent of a groundbreaking law on September 1st, 2023, has set in motion a revolutionary transformation in Georgia’s workforce. This significant legislation marks a pivotal advancement in the registration process for non-resident employees, ushering in a new era where local employers engaging foreign individuals without a permanent residence permit are bound by specific obligations. As we witness these transformative changes unfold, it becomes clear that Georgia is taking a decisive step toward a more regulated and optimized employment landscape.

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Elena Bitutskaia
Payroll Executive & Executive Administrator
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