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Real Estate Tax

Real Estate Tax

Eurofast Global specializes in providing owners of commercial, industrial and special purpose properties, as well as private owners, with full-range property assessment and tax management services.

Our firm is also ethically committed to ensuring that any property tax savings achieved on behalf of our clients are not simply replaced by the consulting and litigation costs incurred to achieve these tax savings.

Rather, we are focused on sustaining long-term relationships with our clients, which we believe is contingent upon their receipt of fees that are both justified and cost-effective.

Eurofast Global’s experts carry numerous decades of experience in the ever-changing legislative landscape of real estate taxation. Therefore, we are very confident that our excellent team of professionals can effectively help you meet your compliance obligations and optimize tax wherever possible as per applicable laws.

What we can do for you

  • Tax Planning & Compliance
  • International Tax
  • Indirect Tax
  • Energy Tax
  • Real Estate Tax

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Contact Person

Vilnius, Lithuania

Evelina Poctovaja Eurofast

Evelina Poctovaja

Tax advisor
Contact Details:
Tel: +385 1 7980 646

Skopje, North Macedonia

Anastasija Karadza Eurofast

Anastasija Karadza

Administrative Assistant
Contact Details:
Tel: +389 2 24 00 225

Tbilisi, Georgia

Ana Nebrieridze Eurofast

Ana Nebrieridze

Assistant Administrator
Contact Details:
Tel: +995 322 180 310