Citizenship & Residency

In modern world, a person of talent and means need not limit his or her life and citizenship to only one country. Among other things, having a second passport allows you to travel, reside, and do business in places that you could not before.

Our Approach

Our skilled advisors are able to walk you through all benefits, advantages, and opportunities of any citizenship program offers. We listen to your needs, goals, wishes, and work together with you to find solution right fit for you. We want to be your trusted partner in this process.

How can Eurofast Help you?
• Preparation of necessary forms and submission to authorities.
• Representation and communication with the authorities.
• Arrange necessary documentation needs to be gathered and submitted to the authorities.
• Assistance on finding and acquiring an immovable property, as well as the preparation of necessary agreements and compliance with the law.
• Opening of bank accounts.
• Assistance with VAT refund.

Why Eurofast?

Eurofast’ s team of professionals is capable of efficiently addressing all clients’ needs.
All our activities will be taken with the highest level of integrity, transparency and confidentiality. This approach and our client’s satisfaction recommend Eurofast as trusted advisors in citizenship matters.

Our international team includes experts from different countries, ready to provide you with latest information about citizenship and residency programs around the globe.

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