Serbia: In preparation of Labour Law amendments

New proposed amendments to the Labour law are expected to substantially improve the position of workers, correct all shortcomings of the current law, and clearly define the areas concerning the rights and obligations of workers and employers. 

The changes are said to guarantee individual and collective rights, protection before courts and inspection bodies, and labour disputes in noticeably short deadlines and without prolonged delays in proceedings.  

Also, abuse of work contracts is to be eliminated. It will be possible for workers to work for a maximum of one-year definite period, after which they will have to receive a permanent solution. The trial period will last a maximum of three months, during which the employer will have to decide on keeping or dismissing the employee. 

What is more, the minimum wage will be defined so that it covers the minimum consumer basket, and the per diems for overtime, work on Sundays and holidays will be increased. 

The new proposal is more comprehensive as it consists of, as many as, 374 articles which, in addition to what is regulated by the current Labour Law, also regulate areas from the law on agency employment, strike, inspection, socio-economic council and peaceful settlement of labour disputes. Procedures for establishing employment in the private sector will also be amended since the current law does not contain exhaustive provisions for employment procedures, unlike employment in public services. 

Furthermore, for the first time, remote work will be defined as up until now there was no such definition, with no difference between working from home and working remotely.  

In closing the new model also determines delicate issues regarding the supervision over the work of employees who work remotely and liability for damage. 

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Natasa Nedic Eurofast

Natasa Nedic
Country Executive
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