Romania increases minimum differentiated wage

The Romanian Government has adopted an emergency ordinance on 9th of November 2018 which provides for the amendment of the Labour Code. The changes introduce the definition of a minimum differentiated salary, dependent on the length of the work and / or the level of education.

The Ministry of Labor has stated that the amendments aim at establishing a basic gross minimum wage based on the criteria of education and length of service. In this context, the minimum wage will be increased from the previous 1,900 lei per month to 2,080 lei per month. For employees who have higher education or at least 15 years of seniority, the gross minimum salary will be set at 2,350 lei per month.

However, in the ordinance adopted on the 9th of November, the amounts were said to be officially published later, after the amendments in the Labour Code will appear in the Official Gazette.

Romanian employers should closely following the legislation update in the following weeks and ensure compliance with the minimum salary amendments as of January 1, 2019. They are also advised to seek professional assistance in determining the impact the amendments will have on their payroll processing and HR practices.

Stefania Costea,
Eurofast Romania

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