Romania: Flexible Work System Underway

A four-day working week growing viral suggests advantages for the employees. It’s a new work system, through which they are entitled to choose to work extra hours within working days to benefit from a day off.

The principal idea behind a shorter working week is that the staff feel happier with more free time to spend at their own discretion. This work model has been tested at the country level by several employers. Certain companies give people the opportunity to choose how they may arrange their work schedule, so that at the end of the week they have extended time off.

KMG Romania is a vivid illustration of the successful implementation of the concept of “short Friday” in the company.

This working method suggests a flexible working schedule where employees can choose whether they want to work nine hours from Monday to Thursday in order to have part of Friday off.

According to the conclusions of a conference on labor market flexibility, there are many challenges that employers need to overcome to keep employees motivated.

Apparently, each company needs to come up with its own flexibility system in terms of elaborating a unique schedule for employees to increase overall efficiency.  A four-day working week might be a good option. According to HR specialists, the main objective for launching flexible work framework is to retain or attract talents and the staff members vital for a company, as well as to keep up with market changes and maintain total efficiency of business.

As a prerequisite of successful implementation of a flexible working environment, the employers are supposed to clarify the strategic mission, what they want to achieve with this change and elaborate a fixed plan. Its implantation suggests a dialogue with employees as for pros and cons and the revision of the work schedule to meet the needs of the personnel and grant business sustainability.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Therefore, an important step is to apply testing at the level of several departments so as to analyze advantages and disadvantages and act accordingly. Finally, if the results are positive, the working hours model can be applied at the company level.

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Cristina Radu
Country Manager
Eurofast Bucharest