Romania: Establishment of the new minimum gross base salary guaranteed at national level


On Wednesday, January 13th, the Romanian Government voted on decision no. 4/13.01.2021 and subsequently published the decision in the National Gazette relating to the approval to increase the minimum guaranteed gross wage to 2,300 lei per month. The change represents a 3% increase compared to December 2020.

The decision also established that, for personnel with higher education and at least one year of experience in the field of training, the minimum gross basic salary guaranteed in payment is maintained at the amount of 2,350 lei per month.

Any changes in labour contracts, including appendices, must be registered in the national employee registrar, namely Revisal, within 20 working days of the change.

We advise clients to seek professional advice to update any labor documents that may be affected by the abovementioned change. For further assistance please contact Ms Stefania Costea, the consultant at our Romanian office, via email at

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Stefania Costea
Eurofast Bucharest

[print-me] 22/01/2021