Proposed changes in the labor market

Bulgaria/August 2015

The Bulgarian government has proposed changes in the labor legislation the target of which is to create a more flexible, competitive and attractive labor market.

The changes include 1-day labor contracts and hourly working rates.

Until now, employers were obliged to predefine the working hours of the employee and none of the 2 parties were able to easily negotiate working hours and hourly rates. With the proposed changes this obstacle will be removed thus creating conditions for flexible employer / employee negotiations. Under the proposed legislation, flexible working hours and hourly rates, common in most of the European Union countries, will be allowed.

In order to help the employers in the agriculture sector, the government also proposes the possibility to sign one-day labor contracts. This change will create further flexibility for agricultural employers so that they are able to easily employ workers during campaigns and busy seasons.

Ivan Pishmanov
Chief Accountant/Acting Manager of Eurofast in Bulgaria