Obligatory registration of farm livestock in Ukraine

Ukraine/September 2014

The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko approved the law # 1648-VII on obligatory identification and registration of farm livestock in Unified State Register of animals.

By the introduction of this law, Ukrainian legislation comes in line with EU legislation, establishing a system of continuous monitoring of the health concerning all animals and veterinary-sanitary conditions of households in Ukraine.

The following are also stipulated by this law:

1. A clarification of the respective terminology

2. The establishment of a single supervisory authority in the sector of food safety,

3. The cancellation of current Ukrainian procedures and permits which are not applicable in EU

4. The implementation of European principles for the regulation of Genetically Modified Organisms (hereinafter – GMOs), in particular with regards to the registration of sources of GMOs and not with regards to products made of them.

A liability is also stipulated for the violation of the respective law. However, it is expected that the liability is not applicable until 1st January 2015.

Cost of working hours and services in relation to the identification and registration of animals which are kept and bred by population, will be funded from the State budget.
Having implemented this law, Ukraine will be in position of to guaranteeing consumers that they purchase meat and dairy products of high quality as well as safe and healthy products.

Maryna Shuliak
Eurofast Global, Kyiv office