Obligations of Ukrainian companies in view of military mobilization

Ukraine/October 2014

Ukrainian companies are obligated to provide information about the employed individuals liable for military service and number of vehicles owned by the company to the State and local authorities.

The respective information is required for military mobilization purposes and should be provided to the State or local authorities upon their written request.

Moreover, once per year (no later than December of the respective year) Ukrainian companies should provide the military enlistment offices with the data on availability of vehicles, their technical condition and information about the vehicles drivers.

The Companies’ management should maintain personal record of individuals liable for military service and army draftees. That means that while employing individuals, the HR department should ask them to provide the following military documents:

(i)obligated reservists – military card or temporary  certificate;

(ii)army draftees – certificate of registration/ enrollment to the enlistment offices.

It is strictly prohibited to employ obligated reservists and army draftees who are not registered with military authorities at their residence place. According to the Ukrainian law, the violation of this rule, may lead to a fine ranging from the amount of UAH 17 up to UAH 51.

At the same time, employer should inform the representatives of military enlistment offices about new hired and terminated obligated reservists or army draftees in a deadline of seven (7) days. However, the Ukrainian law does not prescribe any liability in case of non compliance with such a rule.

Information about the availability of the vehicles is also required for military mobilization purposes. At any time thereafter, some vehicles may be confiscated from companies and transferred for use to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and to other legitimate military formations. Following announcing demobilization, the respective vehicles will be returned and the companies will receive payment as compensation of the respective damages.

In case of non provision of information about the availability of the vehicles, the fees ranging from the amount of UAH 510 up to UAH 1,700 may be applicable.

Maryna Shuliak
Eurofast Global, Kyiv office