North Macedonia increases minimum wage

The North Macedonia Parliament adopted the amended Law on Minimum Salary on 14th of November 2019.

The increase of the minimum net wage to 14,500 MKD represents an almost 14% jump, compared to the previous minimum net wage which amounted to 12,507 MKD.

In North Macedonia, the minimum wage of MKD 14,500 is the lowest monthly base salary that an employer guarantees to pay to the employee for full time employment.

The new minimum wage amount is applicable as of December. In March 2020 there will be an annual adjustment of the minimum wage that will be applied in accordance with the criteria set out in the Law.

According to the changes in the Law, if – during a labor inspection – the labor inspector determines that a taxpayer has acted contrary to the provisions of Article 7 of this Law, a mandatory report is to be compiled in regards to the committed irregularity and a warning issued to remove the irregularities. If the irregularities aren’t removed a penalty will follow.

We advise clients to seek professional advice before the end of the year in regards to updating of labor documents which may be affected by this change.

Hristina Panchevska

Administrative Assistant