Membership fee changes for Croatian Chamber of Economy


Due to the difficulty of performing some activities, the Croatian Chamber of Economy made the decision to exempt some companies from paying membership fees in the past few months. With the latest decision the Chamber abolished the exemption, so companies will have to pay the membership fee again from July 1st. Due to natural disasters in certain areas and cities in Croatia, some companies will still be exempt from paying the fees.

In January 2021 the Croatian Chamber of Economy issued the Decision on temporary abolition of liability to pay membership fees, valid until the end of June, for certain companies such as tourist and transport companies, restaurants and catering, fitness and sport centres etc whose activities were directly affected by the pandemic and the measures regulated by the government. Due to the improvement of the epidemiological situation and easing of measures, the Chamber did not extend the exemption.

However, the exemption from liability to pay membership fees continues for counties that were affected by strong earthquakes, storms and floods which prevented them from operating regularly. The decision does not require the obligation to report damages, so it is expected that in the following period all members of the Chamber based in affected places will not be charged for the membership fee on their tax-accounting cards regardless of whether they suffered a damage or not.

The fee must be paid monthly, until the last day of the month for the current month, otherwise the interest will be accumulated.

For further information, please contact Petra Dzankic, Accountant and Payroll Assistant in Zagreb, Croatia at

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Petra Dzankic
Accountant & Payroll Asst.
Eurofast Zagreb