Vislavski Tea

Job Title: Payroll Specialist

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Areas of expertise: Payroll, accounting

+381 11 3241 484
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Vislavski Tea Eurofast

Tea Vislavski, a graduate of the Faculty of Economics, currently serves as a Payroll Specialist at Eurofast Serbia since October of this year. Prior to joining Eurofast, she gained valuable experience in the payroll department at an accounting agency in Novi Sad.

Tea is enthusiastic about the evolving nature of the payroll process with advancements in technology. Her commitment to continuous learning and adaptation to new developments in this dynamic field reflects her dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends. The collaborative aspect of her role involves working with departments such as human resources and finance. This dimension is another essential aspect that Tea values in her position.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Tea nurtures a passion for travel. Exploring new destinations not only brings her great joy but also serves as a source of relaxation outside the office. Her diverse interests and commitment to professional growth make Tea a valuable asset to the Eurofast team.

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