Stylianou Demetra

Job Title: Internal Legal Advisor

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Areas of expertise: Legal Advisory, Regulatory Compliance

+357 22 699 000
Ext: 1042
Stylianou Demetra Eurofast

Demetra Stylianou, having joined the Eurofast family as an Internal Legal Advisor in October 2023, plays a pivotal role in supporting the company on all legal matters. Her responsibilities extend to advising staff and management on a variety of legal and regulatory issues.

With a decade of experience in practicing law, Demetra has honed her skills through working with large international firms, learning from experts in their respective fields. This exposure significantly influenced her professional and personal development. Actively engaging in networking and participating in diverse communities has further enriched her skill set, providing opportunities to connect with individuals possessing a wide range of skills. In her previous role, Demetra led the Legal and Compliance Department, a position that not only honed her technical expertise but also enhanced her soft skills, culminating in the acquisition of exceptional leadership qualities.

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